About Deb
Each and everyone of my breeding dogs and puppies are raised in loving home environments. They are socialized with family members,  relatives, children and other dogs or cats.  Even other neighborhood families and school children go over to play with them. 

I fell in love with doodles long before I started breeding and knew that somewhere down the road I wanted to be a part of the process. 

Sixteen years ago I started breeding F1 Goldendoodles from my beautiful Bella and Piper, two golden retrievers. I spent two parevious years enjoying watching them grow up and also used the time to get them fully tested...eyes, hips and knees. I starting out using a standard size poodle stud that belonged to a local breeder.  After a couple of years I purchased my first mini male goldendoodle from a breeder in Georgia. 

My Bella and Piper together gave me five wonderful litters. Their pups were awesome with remarkable temperaments, size and coats. I am still in touch with many of my loving families. To date, they are all very healthy.  Over the years I added additional poodles, goldens and goldendoodles to my breeding family including puppies from my own dogs that I previously placed in Guardian Homes.

When my husband contracted cancer I gave up breeding for a year in order to devote my time to him. He passed away in May of 2009.

I am now back doing what I love….raising doodles.

In Memory and in My Heart.
My husband, Mike, 1943-2009