General Information
General Information
All of your research and planning have come down to this moment of buying a puppy and bringing it home.

This is a time of many mixed emotions most of them positive but some not so much, but don’t despair. If this is your first experience of owning a pup I suggest you get yourself a good, simple book on how to raise Fido and what to expect. Taking Fido to puppy training classes is also highly recommended. This new creature in your home will bring much love and at times much frustration. Stay calm because with age your little furry hooligan will develop into the dog of your dreams.

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Socializing The Dogs

By raising all puppies in home environments they are socialized with people, boisterous and enthusiastic children, other dogs and maybe a cat or two, and learning from the sounds and smells of a new world. They get to play and romp while building muscle strength and dexterity; they learn puppy manners and how to share not only toys but food and other people’s attention. 
Pet Health

The Dogs Health

All puppies are inoculated against Distemper, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus at the appropriate ages and are also wormed. Puppies are sent home with a health record detailing these treatments. Each pup receives a three-year health guarantee against degenerative joint, heart, and eye problems. 

I instruct new puppy owners that a diet consisting of nothing but dry, grain free, food is DETREMENTAL TO THEIR LONG TERM HEALTH. It has been established that a dog eating dry grain free food alone will possibly develope auto-immune illnesses and heart problems.
Pricing Information
Pricing: $2300

A $500 deposit is required to place your name on the PUPPY PICK LIST  if the litter has or has not been born. 

Names are placed on Pick List depending on when I receive the deposit. 

At six (6) weeks of age you come to choose your sweet pup.

Final payment is also due when the puppy is six (6) weeks of age.

Shipping is available to the major airport of your choice in the U.S. for $400 - $500. This pricing includes airfare (airline sets the cost of fare), shipping crate and health certificate from the veterinarian. 

3 yr Health Guarantee
All appropriate shots and worming with records
Sample Food
Sample Essential Puppy Supplements
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